2021: Journey to Your Truer Self

What do you do every January?

Has it worked out? (Not a jab, honestly.) 

Are you ready to have some tools on hand that create lasting change... like, even longer than 2021? Are you prepared to experiment? 

This year, I want a different kind of January Journey. I don't want to lead you through an elimination diet-like cleanse. I don't want to track your water intake or winter weight loss. I don't want to tell you what to do, how to eat, how to feel... because frankly, I sure as hell don't want to be told any of that after this year, this growth, in the midst of this transformation that 2020 has brought on. I'm not only ready for change, but I'm accepting that I'm in a constant state of up-leveling and change. I'm not only feeling the heat of the kindling on the fires of New Year's motivation within, but I'm feeling feisty about what I want to do with it this year. 

We all love fresh new starts, a chance for radical rebirth. January or not. 

Are you ready to take the reins and choose your own adventure, with intuitive guidance, community support, collective movement, and so, so, so much self-empowerment?

Starting on the January 12 New Moon, we plant the seeds for a guided journey back to our fiercest, most truest form. We liberate our innate wisdom and power and say YES to Self, to our awareness, to realigning and reuniting with the Goddess within. 

By the last meeting in the week of February 9, we will have emerged more confident, more aligned, more integrated, reunited with the Empowered Womxn we are. We WILL be transformed. In all the ways.

Included in this Journey:

  • ​Weekly Live & Virtual Yoga (Options of 1 to 3 yoga classes a week)

  • 2 x Weekly Guided Meditations (mp3)

  • Initial "Tune-In" Workshop (60-minute) to Refine Intuition and Awareness

  • 90-Minute Personalized S.I.T. (Subconscious Imprinting Technique) Session (in person or via Zoom)

  • 2 Online Community Support Meetings 

  • Private Facebook Community with Ongoing Updates

  • Email Guidance and Support from Jenn

***IMPORTANT*** This is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a detox/diet/cleanse menu written out for you.

  • You are in need of a quick solution to shed winter weight.

  • You want to become someone you are not.

  • You are not fiercely devoted to rediscovering your Amazingness. 

  • You cannot commit to some sort of daily practice (not a huge time commitment and not necessarily yoga) for 4 weeks. 

  • You don't see value in community, collective intentions, and meeting others on similar journeys.

Pricing: There are three options, in terms of commitment to the live yoga classes. (You will always get the links for practice later on - even if you miss a class.)

1 yoga class per week, plus all of the above: $170 

2 yoga classes per week, plus all of the above: $195

3 yoga classes per week, plus all of the above: $220

NOTE: If you are a current member of my Patreon Community, CONTACT ME as the price will be adjusted for your particular tier. 

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