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In a hatha yoga class, we bring together alignment, balance, muscle action, spirit, and a sense of play as we move into postures (asanas) with mindful breath and mind. In Jenn's classes, you can expect a balance of all the elements.

Vinyasa means flow. We use the fire of muscle action, earth-like grounding, airy lightness of being, and watery inspiration to link postures with breath. We sweat, we dance, and at the end, we feel balanced and alive. 

In a Power Yoga class, we focus on muscle action and endurance. Postures and balances are held longer than a Vinyasa class; we play with challenge; we end in awe with our strength and capacity.

Meditation is the practice of presence. Breath by breath, sensation by sensation, we return to now. It is a practice we come back to time and again to reclaim balance, connect to our higher Self, deepen understanding.

Movement is key. Using weights, bands, our body, and other fun props (including music!), we apply healthy stress to muscles, joints, and the cardiorespiratory system in order to grow resiliency and maintain health. 

It's a buzz term in the health world and there is good reason why. Our core muscles keep us standing strong, relieve concentrated stress from important joints, and keep us moving in the direction of a full, active life.

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