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On May 26, we have a Total Eclipse on a Sagittarius Supermoon... what does this mean?


Set up your altars (or not), cozy up and listen to the meditation below and/or print out THIS FREE WORKSHEET (or use a journal) to explore what this means in your life, how it might apply to your challenges and celebrations,

and where to go from here. 

Full Moon ExplorationJenn Pun
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Did you enjoy this? This is the process we usually go through during our Moon Meets, twice monthly. I use hints from the current astrological, intuitive hits, and the collective energies to come up with themes and meditations to move through together. 

Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon

We meet (virtually), move together, meditate, explore, AND discuss (or not) our awarenesses, common themes, aha moments. 

What you take-away: understanding and relationship with fellow seekers, inspiration, new awareness, a greater connection to natural cycles within and without, anchoring rituals, a deeper knowing of You.

How to join us: sign up online here ($10 per meeting) or join Patreon for as little as $7 CDN monthly to join all meetings for free!